It’s great to meet you!

Expect to spend a couple minutes at the beginning of our session saying hello! The whole point of our shoot is for me to capture the essence of your relationship, and what better way to do that then to spend our first few minutes getting to know you! I once heard someone say that if you’re going to chop down a tree in an hour, you should spend the first 45 minutes sharpening your axe, and the last 15 cutting it down! Obviously 45 minutes might be a stretch, but I do like to take a moment to establish that our session is a safe place for you to be real, comfortable, and even a little bit goofy! Whether you’re two lovebirds or a family of 5, I want to learn your names and make our session as comfortable as possible.


Tailored to You

All of my clients receive access to my exclusive location guide to help you choose the spot that is perfect for you! There are so many gems in the Bay Area and I want you to know your options! I also offer my clients personal wardrobe consultation to make sure that what you wear translates to the location you’ve chosen and ultimately allows you to shine!


My Goal

I am a nurturer at heart. I love people, I love making my clients feel that when they are with me, I will put them first and work hard to make their session the best. I want you to love your pictures and be able to look back at them years from now and be reminded of the season of life you were in when we took them! I want you to remember what it was like when you first got engaged, when your kids were in elementary school together, or when you celebrated your 25th anniversary with your spouse. Whatever the occasion, it would bring me joy to help you commemorate, celebrate, and cherish it forever!


What about Lifestyle Sessions?

Lifestyle sessions are very different from my other types of shoots. Expect to be in communication with me in the days leading up to your shoot so that we can discuss what the window light is like in your home and when your baby will be happiest (if we are doing a newborn lifestyle shoot!). For clients that book me, I give direction as to how they can prepare their home for my arrival (like using a neutral comforter on your bed) and I also offer wardrobe consultation! On the day of our shoot, I will come inside and look around your house for a few minutes to choose the best places for us to shoot, and then I will simply guide your family into natural poses that allow me to capture your raw interaction with your family! For lifestyle newborn sessions, I always leave room for diaper changes and “top-offs” of milk so that baby stays happy the entire time I’m there!